5 Types of Low-Speed Sounds in AVAS

Discover the nuanced soundscape of low-speed maneuvers with AVAS – from the graceful arrival to the cautious reverse. Each note in this symphony enhances safety, signaling electric vehicle movements at every turn.
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Step into the world of Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) as we delve into the diverse symphony of low-speed sounds it orchestrates. From the graceful entrance to the subtle exit, each type serves a unique purpose in enhancing pedestrian safety. Let’s explore the various sounds that accompany AVAS during different low-speed maneuvers.

Arrival Melody: The Sound of Approach

Experience the gentle hum or melodic tones as your vehicle approaches parking spaces. AVAS ensures a harmonious arrival, alerting pedestrians to the vehicle’s low-speed maneuver into a parking spot.

Farewell Sonata: Departing with Grace

Bid farewell to silence as AVAS composes a departing melody, signaling the vehicle’s graceful exit. These sounds contribute to a smooth and safe departure, enhancing awareness for those nearby.

Ignition Prelude: Starting the Musical Journey

Witness the commencement of your journey with AVAS’s ignition prelude. This distinctive sound marks the vehicle’s startup, providing an audible cue to pedestrians that the electric vehicle is in motion.

Reverse Serenade: Backing Up with Caution

AVAS crafts a reverse serenade as the vehicle backs up, creating a distinctive sound that warns pedestrians of the vehicle’s movement in reverse. Safety takes center stage in this carefully composed maneuver.

Idle Harmony: The Art of Standing Still

Even at a standstill, AVAS ensures an idle harmony, generating a subtle yet present sound to alert pedestrians that the vehicle is stationary. This steady background melody enhances overall safety in urban environments.


AVAS’s low-speed sounds form a diverse musical tapestry, adding layers of safety and awareness to various driving scenarios. From arrival to departure, and every maneuver in between, AVAS continues to redefine the intersection of technology and safety, making the road a safer place for all.


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