Applied to

Automotive Lighting

Automotive Interior Lighting-20230223

Immersive Interior Lighting

Interactive Exterior Ambient Lighting-Kepo Lighting Business-Portfolio

Interactive Exterior Lighting

Gesture control DMS/OMS, face recognition

TOF Lens

robot arm - 20230223

Automated Industry


Consumer Electronics

Face Recognition-Application-512*339-20230223


DMS/OMS Gesture Control and Face Recognition for Vehicles

KEPO-TOF Camera-Function-Page Turning-20230223

Gesture Control

Piezoelectric Ceramics

Piezoelectric sensing

Dust Sensor-Piezoelectric Ceramics-Portfolio

Dust Sensor

Such as Dyson vacuum cleaner dust sensor


Vehicle Attitude

Automotive Autonomous Driving Sensing

ANC-Product Portfolio 02

RNC Road Noise Sensor

Applied to

Traditional Acoustic

Signal Alarm-02


e-Call-Product Portfolio


Car Anti-theft Alarm

Car Anti-theft Alarm

AVAS System-20230223

AVAS Pedestrian Alarm

Applied to panel, central control instrument panel

Haptic Vibration

Haptic-Screen Touch

Touch Panels

In-car Button Touch Screen Feedback-Haptic-Portfolio

Key Vibration

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