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The vision of KEPO is to bring technology to the market to help realize the mission of IoT and vehicle intelligence in a more modern way.

HMI components & parts, Modules and intelligent products in AI and IoT industry, offering complete services including developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing are our heart.

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Automotive Lighting

Enabling the driving atmosphere of new energy vehicles

Automotive Lighting-Product Portfolio

Independent optical color analysis and structural finite element analysis system with professional optical engineers guarantees higher uniformity.

• CAN/LIN for logic communication and control
• Customized lighting rhythm and adjustment
• Independent optical analysis equipments


Professional Acoustic Team with Over 20 Years Experience

KEPO Speakers Products-Product Portfolio 02

KEPO offers full-frequency and signal-based speaker solutions for dashboard, signal prompt, small hi-fi and e-Call in automotive, home appliances, smart audio, and other industries. Wide bandwidth and high sound pressure make our loudspeakers especially suitable for low-voltage circuit applications.

• Customized Tone & Product Structure
• Acoustic Test & Analysis
• Simulation Experiments


Eliminates potential safety hazards caused by quiet driving

KEPO AVAS Products-Product Portfolio 02

KEPO Electronics adopts the center console to realize the calculation of onboard data (vehicle speed, gear, configuration, etc.) and make a simulated driving sound instead of PCB. KEPO self-owned sound effect development and adjustment software reduce the cost of authorization.

• Customized Sound Waves, dB Value and Frequency
• OTA Upgrade
• Personalized Functions (Camping Mode, Car Searching, Welcome, etc.)


Take the eyes off the screen but onto the road


KEPO Electronics customizes Z-direction linear motor for push-buttons, displays and touch screens with low power consumption, low noise, stable F0, high peak value and wide vibration frequency.

• Peak Value Above Market Level
• Vibration Sense Adjustment
• Customized in Different Dimensions


Microphone array technology – “listen” to your voice

Mic-Product Portfolio

KEPO Electronics is committed to creating a high-end vehicle pickup system to achieve more accurate voice positioning and sound beam collection. Together with the noise reduction system suppressing the noise outside the beam, the acquired sound will be much clearer.

• A2B Solution with Low Latency
• Acoustic Simulation Experiments
• Professional Anechoic Chamber & Test Equipment

Piezoelectric Ceramics

Empowering the development of high-tech industries


KEPO Electronics owns rich practical experience to produce piezoelectric ceramics products in compact size, light weight, thin thickness, low power consumption and superior reliability, which has won unanimous praise from partners.

• Buzzers
• Sensor
• Transducer

3D Camera

Communicate with the world in a touch free way

TOF-Product Portfolio

KEPO Electronics adopts iTof technology with highly flexible evaluation kit that enables designers quickly carry out the necessary system customization development. 135FPS high frame rate can detect and track fast moving objects.

• Gesture Control
• Face Recognition
• Obstacle Avoidance


Get rid of the noise and enjoy pure music

ANC-Product Portfolio 02

KEPO Electronics provides customized ANC solutions in both traditional mic modules and A2B audio buses by professional testing software and simulation equipment to conduct algorithm discussions for all vehicle structures.

• A2B Solution with Low Latency
• Full-Vehicle Noise Reduction Analysis
• Acoustic Simulation & Test


eCall system with built-in multi-dimensional driving behavior algorithm

e-Call-Product Portfolio

E-call system can be designed and developed according to specified requirements in both shape and installation structure. The circuit and wiring harness design scheme meets the requirements of the European Union, the Middle East, Australia, and Russia.

• Driving Date Monitoring & Reporting
• OTA Upgrade
• Vehicle Positioning
• Self-Diagnosis
• Location Cache
• Solar & USB Charging

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