ANC-Product Portfolio 02


KEPO Electronics provides customized ANC solutions in both traditional mic modules and A2B audio buses by professional testing software and simulation equipment to conduct algorithm discussions for all vehicle structures.

• A2B Solution with Low Latency
• Full-Vehicle Noise Reduction Analysis
• Acoustic Simulation & Test


Noise Reduction in The Car


Why Choose KEPO

1. Simulation

KEPO MIC Simulation - THD


KEPO-MIC-Directivity Simulation


KEPO-MIC-Signal and Spectrum Simulation

Signal and Spectrum

2.Frequency Response

Frequency Response Curve

Frequency Response Curve

3. Experimental Ability

KEPO Anechoic Chamber-1

Anechoic Chamber

KEPO Quality Testing System

R & D Equipment

KEPO R & D Machine - 1.5

Quality Test

4. Automatic Production Line

KEPO Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding

KEPO Mic Quality Testing System

Quality Testing

KEPO MIC Automatic Production Line

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