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Automotive Cabin-Steering Wheel with Haptic Keyboards, Screen with Haptic Touch Vibration

Kepo Haptic Solution

Kepo is a leading Haptic technology company dedicated to the research and development, as well as manufacturing of high-performance tactile feedback solutions. The Kepo team boasts extensive experience and expertise, with a strong focus on applying Haptic technology across various industries to enhance user experiences.

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The Sound of Safety: Kepo AVAS Solution

Kepo is the industry leader in providing cutting-edge Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) solutions for the automotive sector.
Our AVAS solution is not only aims at AVAS product itself, but also including its Sound effect/Melody design & optimize, embedded software developing based on Soc, and also trying to provide a completely Active Sound Design. Thanks to these works did, we are able to enhance the in-cabin driving experience and improving road safety.

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