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Kepo Ambient Lighting Solutions for Vehicle

Kepo Electronics can customize independent lighting actuators and system control integration according to needs. Kepo has a complete design, development, and evaluation process, covering lighting efficiency, appearance, structure, and system aspects, and is equipped with professional equipment for color optical analysis, structural finite element analysis, spectral radiation analysis, and spectral color brightness measurement of products.The products support CAN/LIN logic communication and control, and can achieve various functions such as color temperature, brightness, color, and music interaction.

Kepo Haptic Solution

Kepo is an industry-leading tactile technology company focused on researching and producing high-performance tactile feedback solutions. Our team has rich experience and professional knowledge, committed to applying tactile technology to different fields to improve user experience.

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The Sound of Safety: Kepo AVAS Solution

Kepo is the industry leader in providing cutting-edge Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) solutions for the automotive sector.
Our AVAS solution is not only aims at AVAS product itself, but also including its Sound effect/Melody design & optimize, embedded software developing based on Soc, and also trying to provide a completely Active Sound Design. Thanks to these works did, we are able to enhance the in-cabin driving experience and improving road safety.

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