Piezoelectric Ceramics

KEPO Electronics owns rich practical experience to produce piezoelectric ceramics products in compact size, light weight, thin thickness, low power consumption and superior reliability, which has won unanimous praise from partners.

• Buzzers
• Sensor
• Transducer


KEPO-Piezo Electric Ceramics-PCT Alarm

PCT Alarm-G6803

Maximum Input Voltage  ·········· 60Vp-p Square Wave /max.

Operating Temperature Range  ·········· -40 ~ +85℃
Storage Temperature Range ················ -40 ~ +85℃

Sound Pressure Level  ····················· ≥105dB /56Vp‐p/ 3.4KHz/200cm

KEPO Piezoelectric Film Element-0193A

Piezoelectric Film Element-0193A

Rel. Permittivity  ············································· 1650±200
Piezoelectric Coupling Factor  ····················· 63±5%
Operating Temperature range  ·········· -40~+105℃
Store Temperature range  ······················ -40~+110℃

KEPO Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Sensors-Dust Sensor(KPUS-40FD-14TR-H)

Dust Sensor(KPUS-40FD-14TR-H)

Center Frequency  ············································ 40±1KHz
Capacitance at 1KHz  ························· 4400±20% pF

Sound Pressure Level
at 40KHz, 30cm, 10Vrms(0db=0.2nbar)  ···· ≥103dB

at 40KHz, 30cm, 0dB=0.2nbar  ··················· ≥-87dB

-6dB Directivity  ········································ 110×50°(typ.)
Maximum Input Voltage  ·················· 160Vp-p/Max
Insulation Resistance  ····························· 100MΩ min
Ring Time Max  ······················································ ≤1.6ms


Dust Sensor

Vehicle Attitude

RNC Road Noise Sensor

Why Choose KEPO

1. Simulation

KEPO-Piezoelectric Ceramics-Radiation Directivity Simulation

Radiation Directivity

KEPO SPL Curve Simulation

SPL Curve

SPL Simulation vs Measurement

SPL Comparison

2. Structural Analysis

sound film displacement simulation of KEPO buzzer

Sound Film Displacement

SPL Simulation of KEPO Buzzer

Sound Pressure Level

KEPO-Piezo Electric-Structural Analysis-Potential


3. Experimental Ability

KEPO Quality Testing System

R & D Equipment

KEPO Automatic Cutting Line

Automatic Cutting

KEPO R & D Machine - 1.5

Quality Test

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