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KEPO offers full-frequency and signal-based speaker solutions for dashboard, signal prompt, small hi-fi and e-Call in automotive, home appliances, smart audio, and other industries. Wide bandwidth and high sound pressure make our loudspeakers especially suitable for low-voltage circuit applications.

• Customized Tone & Product Structure
• Acoustic Test & Analysis
• Simulation Experiments



e-Call Speaker

Impedance ············ 4Ω±20%(1Vrms at 600Hz at20℃)
Sound Pressure Level  ···················· 82±2 dB @ 1w/1m
               At 500, 800,1500,2000 Hz AVG (at20℃)
Resonance Frequency  ····························· 260Hz±20%
Frequency Range  ······································ Fo ~10KHz
Input Power  ·································· Rated 4W / Max.8W
Distortion  ··································· <2.5% Max. at 1W(2V)
Waterproof  ································································ IP52
Effective Stroke  ······················································ 1.3mm
Maximum Stroke  ···················································· 2.7mm

KEPO Speaker Products - Small HiFi

Small HiFi

Impedance  ·························· 4 Ω±15% (1V at 1000Hz)
Sound Pressure Level  ································ 80±3dB @                              1w/1maverage at 0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2kHz
Resonance Frequency  ························· 300 Hz±20%
Frequency Range  ······································ F0 ~20KHz
Input Power  ··························· Rated 1.0W/Max. 1.5W
Distortion  ······················ <5% Max. at 1kHz/2.0Vrms

KEPO Speaker-Dashboard


Impedance  ························· 50Ω±15% (1Vrms at 2KHz)
Sound Pressure Level  ············· 78±3dB @ 0.1W/0.5M                                                at 1 kHz
Resonance Frequency  ······························ 400 Hz±20%
Frequency Range  ···································· 400Hz ~17KHz
Input Power  ······························· Rated0.3W/Max. 0.5W
Distortion  ··································· <5% Max. at 1kHz/0.1w




Smart Speaker

Why Choose KEPO

1. Simulation

KEPO-Speaker-Sound Pressure Level

Sound Pressure Level

KEPO-Speaker-Outfield Sound Pressure Level

Outfield sound pressure level

KEPO-Speaker-Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetic Flux Density

2. Structural Analysis

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Speaker - Basin Frame Drop Deformation

Basin Frame Drop Deformation

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Speaker - Ring Buckling

Ring Buckling

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Car Speakers - Vibration System Movement

Vibration System Movement

3. Experimental Ability

KEPO Anechoic Chamber-1

Anechoic Chamber

KEPO Quality Testing System

R & D Equipment

KEPO R & D Machine - 1.5

Quality Test

4. Automatic Production Line

KEPO Automatic Production Line

Automatic Line - 1

KEPO Full Automatic Speaker Production Line-2

Automatic Line - 2

KEPO Full Automatic Speaker Production Line-4

Automatic Line - 3

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