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E-call system can be designed and developed according to specified requirements in both shape and installation structure. The circuit and wiring harness design scheme meets the requirements of the European Union, the Middle East, Australia, and Russia.

• Driving Date Monitoring & Reporting
• OTA Upgrade
• Vehicle Positioning
• Self-Diagnosis
• Location Cache
• Solar & USB Charging



e-Call Speaker

Impedance ············ 4Ω±20%(1Vrms at 600Hz at20℃)
Sound Pressure Level  ···················· 82±2 dB @ 1w/1m
               At 500, 800,1500,2000 Hz AVG (at20℃)
Resonance Frequency  ····························· 260Hz±20%
Frequency Range  ······································ Fo ~10KHz
Input Power  ·································· Rated 4W / Max.8W
Distortion  ··································· <2.5% Max. at 1W(2V)
Waterproof  ································································ IP52
Effective Stroke  ······················································ 1.3mm
Maximum Stroke  ···················································· 2.7mm



Voltage  ································································· 8±10% V
Typical Working Current  ························· 7±10% mA
Max. Working Current  ···························· 15±10% mA
Sensitivity  ················································ -10.5±2.5dB
Max. Sound Pressure Input  ······························ 116dB
Distortion  ······································································ ≤1%
Directivity  ·········································· Omni-directional
SNR  ·········································································· >=63dB
Frequency Domain  ···································· 100~10kHz
Working Temperature  ······························· -40~+85℃
Store Temperature  ······································ -40~+95℃



Working voltage  ········································ DC4.2-4.8V
Working current  ·············· About 200mA @ dc4.5v
Low power consumption current  ····· Less than 1mA
Battery capacity  ········· 800mAh,internal battery NiMH

BLE  ······································ BLE interface(optional)
Sensor  ······················ up to 500,000 tracking points
FOTA  ······················································ FOTA Available
Figuration setup  ······ APP setup system figuration
Solar panel Charging power  ··························· 0.4W
Humidity  ················································· 5%RH~95%RH
Working temperature  ············· – 20 ° C to + 70 ° C
Storage temperature  ·························· -25°C ~ +75°C


Emergency Rescue (e-Call)

Roadside Assistance(b-Call)

Why Choose KEPO

1. Simulation

KEPO-Speaker-Sound Pressure Level

Sound Pressure Level

KEPO-Speaker-Outfield Sound Pressure Level

Outfield sound pressure level

KEPO-Speaker-Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetic Flux Density

2. Structural Analysis

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Speaker - Basin Frame Drop Deformation

Basin Frame Drop Deformation

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Speaker - Ring Buckling

Ring Buckling

KEPO Simulation Experiment - Car Speakers - Vibration System Movement

Vibration System Movement

3. Experimental Ability

KEPO Anechoic Chamber-1

Anechoic Chamber

KEPO Quality Testing System

R & D Equipment

KEPO R & D Machine - 1.5

Quality Test

4. Automatic Production Line

KEPO Full Automatic Speaker Production Line-1

Full Automatic Production Line-1

KEPO Automatic Production Line

Full Automatic Production Line-1

KEPO Full Automatic Speaker Production Line-3

Full Automatic Production Line-3

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