KEPO Electronics customizes Z-direction linear motor for push-buttons, displays and touch screens with low power consumption, low noise, stable F0, high peak value and wide vibration frequency.

• Peak Value Above Market Level
• Vibration Sense Adjustment
• Customized in Different Dimensions


KEPO-Haptic-Push Button

Push Button(KEPO-2213B)

Impedance  ·············································································· 8Ω±10%(1Vrms at 1kHz)
Acceleration(at 2.83Vrms)·········≥2.0 Grms @100g load in middle at 180Hz 
                                           2.0 Grms @100g load in side at 180Hz

Input Power  ··········································································· Rated 1.0W / Max. 2.0W
Leak sound(at 2.83Vrms)  ························································ ≤35dB@ 100g load

Haptic-Display&Touch Screen

Display & Touch Screen(KEPO-3222HP1-Q00034)

Impedance  ············································································· 8Ω±10%(1Vrms at 1kHz)
Acceleration(at 2.83Vrms)  ·········≥1.4Grms@100g load in middle at 140Hz
                                               ≥ 1.4Grms@100g load in side at 140Hz

Input Power  ············································································· Rated 0.5W/Max. 1.0W
Leak sound(at 2.83Vrms)  ························································· ≤35dB@ 100g loa


In-car Button Touch Screen

Home Appliance Touch Screen

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Why Choose KEPO

1. Simulation

KEPO-Haptic-Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetic Flux Density

KEPO-Haptic-Stress Distribution

Stress Distribution

KEPO-Haptic-Sound Pressure Level

Sound Pressure Level

2. Structural Analysis

KEPO-Haptic-Displacement Distribution-1

Displacement Distribution-1

KEPO-Haptic-Displacement Distribution-2

Displacement Distribution-2

KEPO-Haptic-Displacement Distribution-3

Displacement Distribution-3

3. Experimental Ability

KEPO Quality Testing System

R & D Equipment

KEPO R & D Machine - 1.5

Quality Test

KEPO R & D Group

R & D Group

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