AVAS Sound Design-Exploring Methods and Approaches

This blog post discusses the importance of creating captivating sounds for electric vehicles' Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). It explores options such as partnering with authorized sound libraries and collaborating with specialized sound design companies.
Blog AVAS Sound Design

In the realm of electric vehicles, safety concerns arise due to their silent operation. To address this, the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) plays a vital role by generating specially designed sounds. In this blog post, we will explore various avenues for creating captivating AVAS sounds.

-Authorized Sound Libraries

Partner with authorized sound libraries to access a diverse range of AVAS sounds. These libraries offer expertly crafted options that meet regulatory requirements, allowing manufacturers to align the chosen sound with their brand identity.

-Expert Sound Design Collaboration

Collaborate with specialized sound design companies with automotive expertise. These experts create custom AVAS sounds tailored to the brand’s vision and identity, ensuring attention-grabbing and safety-enhancing results.

-In-House Sound Design by Kepo Electronics: Tailored AVAS Sound Solutions

Kepo Electronics is dedicated to providing lightweight AVAS solutions and unique sound experiences for electric vehicles. We specialize in in-house sound design and fine-tuning software. By utilizing our customized playback modules and sound design solutions, which are fully compliant with legal regulations, manufacturers can significantly reduce software and tool costs while effectively minimizing license fees.

The Process of Sound Design

Designing a successful AVAS sound goes beyond simply adjusting settings on a generic synthesizer. It involves a collaborative process that encompasses deep understanding of a brand’s values, design language, history, vision, and goals. At Kepo, we take pride in developing a unique sonic language from the ground up, capturing the essence of a brand at its core.

·Brand Exploration: Delve into a brand’s values, history, vision, and goals to tailor AVAS sounds that align with its identity.

·Defining the Target Sound: Translate the brand identity into specific sound characteristics to create a recognizable AVAS sound.

·Sonic Shaping: Embark on an exploration phase to develop a range of potential AVAS sounds, followed by a convergence and refinement stage to select the most suitable option.

·Ready for Production: Perfect the chosen AVAS sound, ensuring it meets regulatory requirements and is ready for implementation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Kepo Electronics offers comprehensive AVAS sound design solutions. Our expertise encompasses software integration, hardware implementation, acoustic engineering, tuning, and customized design. By integrating these elements, we deliver seamless and exceptional AVAS solutions and sound design experience, which sets us apart as a trusted partner for electric vehicle manufacturers.


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