Learn how to evolve from a single buzzer alarm to a combination of automotive instrumentation speakers with Kepo?

More and more automakers are adopting digital dashboards as traditional mechanical dashboards without alarm tones are gradually being replaced. Read this blog to learn about the digitization, personalization, intelligence, and connectivity brought about by the combination of car speakers and cycling dashboard bells to construct a smarter smart cabin.
Blog Learn How To Evolve From A Single Buzzer Alarm To A Combination Of Automotive Instrumentation Speakers With Kepo

Kepo’s first generation product was a buzzer that emitted a single alarm tone. With the emergence of electrified and digitalized dashboards, Kepo’s car speakers update the multifunctional speakers that combine with smarter dashboards to emit chordal voice alarm tones, bringing a different driving experience.

From the initial buzzer single alarm tone, to multi-functional full-range speakers, to bring the driver a richer display of information, whether it is navigation routes, incoming calls or vehicle status, can be clearly displayed to the driver through the instrument speaker, so that the driver can be more focused on the road conditions, improve driving safety, with instrument speakers, the driver does not need to frequently check the mobile phone or the central control screen, you can get the information they need. In this way, the driver’s eyes can stay more on the road ahead, reducing the possibility of distraction.

Kepo Product Advantages

  • This product has high sound pressure, wide bandwidth, and rich low-frequency sound;
  • Suitable for alarm, voice and chord tones;
  • Suitable for low voltage circuits;
  • PCB board with the customer’s conduction mode using plug and play;
  • BOX structure, will not lead to inconsistent sound effects with the customer’s assembly;


With the development of smart cockpits, future automotive dashboard speakers may integrate more artificial intelligence technologies, such as voice recognition, natural language processing, and emotion recognition, enabling drivers to interact with their vehicles more naturally, thus enhancing the driving experience.

Future automotive dashboard speakers may integrate more functions, such as navigation instructions, vehicle status reports, and intelligent assistant services, enabling drivers to The future automotive dashboard speakers may integrate more functions, such as navigation instructions, vehicle status reports, intelligent assistant services, etc., enabling drivers to access various information and services more conveniently.


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