Kepo Munich Electronic Exhibition Empowering Autonomous Driving

Kepo Munich Electronic Exhibition
Exhibition review: KEPO participated in the Electronic Exhibition in Munich, Germany at Hall B5, Booth 539 from Nov. 15th, 2022 to Nov.18th, 2022.

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Kepo, regarded as a professional, sophisticated, characterized, and innovative “Little Giant” and high-tech enterprise at the national level, participated in the Electronic Exhibition in Munich, Germany at Hall B5, Booth 539 from Nov. 15th, 2022 to Nov.18th, 2022.

Kepo is committed to enhancing intelligence, security, and comfort in all driving scenarios. With the industry increasing focus on autonomous driving technology, our exhibits include:

· Atmosphere Light System: Support LIN or CAN communication for customizing personalized HMI functions like breathing, welcoming, calling, etc. Based on the vehicle style, the lighting effects and structure will be flexibly designed. To meet more personalized color needs, RGB light source with non-polar color change drive is employed.

Door Sill Lights-KEPO

· AVAS + WSD Module: KEPO adopts the center console to realize the calculation of onboard data (vehicle speed, gear, configuration, etc.) and make a simulated driving sound instead of PCB. Built-in software supports QNX, LINUX, and Android systems. The sound effect adopts Kepo self-owned development and adjustment software, which reduces the cost of authorization.

· Haptic Actuator: Z-direction linear motor solutions for push-button and touch screen. The products have low power consumption, low noise, stable F0, high peak value(3.2g), high-temperature resistance(150℃) and wide vibration frequency. Rich vibration sensations and feel can be realized through programming.

Haptic-Push Button

· Emergency Call: Kepo UBI & E-Call integrated system supports 2G/3G/4G (with on-board wifi) network communication. Standard OBD CAN BUS data realize vehicle data acquisition, self-diagnosis and real-time positioning functions. The real-time/historical driving status can be monitored through APP. The built-in sensor will trigger the emergency call actively when fatal traffic accidents occur.


Kepo will demonstrate the new possibilities in the vehicle automation industry to bring innovative and valuable technologies for automakers and consumers.

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