Piezo Electric Diaphragm - Double Ceramic Type

Piezo Electric Diaphragm-Double Ceramic Type

-Enhanced sound output: The double ceramic design allows for improved sound efficiency and higher output volume.
-Wide frequency range: It can generate a broad range of frequencies, making it suitable for applications requiring different pitch levels.
-Durable and reliable: The double ceramic structure enhances the durability and longevity of the buzzer, ensuring stable performance over time.

NO PART NO Fr(KHz) Zr(ΩMAX) Cp(±30%pf) D (mm) d (mm) T (mm) t (mm)
1 FT-8T-16AS 16±2.5 500 18000 φ8 φ6.5 0.16 0.05
2 FT-13x13T-9.5A2S 9.5±1 100 30000 13×13 12.5×12.5 0.48 0.15
3 FT-21.5T-5.0AS 5.0±1.0 150 80000 φ21.5 φ20 0.41 0.10
4 FT-23.5T-4.2AS 4.2±0.8 500 130000 φ23.5 φ21.5 0.43 0.12
5 FT-27T-2.4AS 2.4±0.5 150 140000 φ27 φ25 0.32 0.10
6 FT-27T-2.8AS 2.8±0.5 150 130000 φ27 φ25 0.34 0.10
7 FT-31T-1.7AS 1.7±0.5 150 100000 φ31 φ20 0.32 0.10
8 FT-32G-2.4AS 2.4±0.5 100 200000 φ32 φ31.2 0.46 0.15
9 FT-32G-2.8AS 2.8±0.5 100 170000 φ32 φ31.2 0.58 0.10
10 FT-32T-3.0AS 3.0±0.2 100 160000 φ32 φ31.2 0.51 0.10
11 FT-32T-3.2AS 3.2±0.2 100 140000 φ32 φ31.2 0.56 0.10

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