How do Driver & Passenger Affect HMI Design

As one of the three elements that constitute the HMI vehicle environment, different driver and passenger attributes and behaviors will affect the design of HMI functions. This article will introduce the specific impact of different attributes and behaviors in detail.
How do Driver & Passenger Affect HMI Design-kepotech

As the main body of interaction between drivers and passengers, it is undoubtedly necessary to fully consider the diversity of driving habits and auxiliary driving functions caused by the differences in the attributes of various drivers when designing HMI systems.


When designing traffic navigation systems, different driving routes should be recommended for male and female drivers. Female drivers will be more concerned about safety and tend to avoid areas that are dark, secluded, or frequently associated with crime.


Compared with seniors who prefer larger fonts and simpler icons to read information on pages more clearly, young people tend to prefer cool special effects and rich dynamic pictures to get a better driving experience.

-Driving Years

Novice drivers may need more tips and suggestions to improve their awareness of safe driving while reducing the risk of accidents. Advanced driving-assisted functions such as adaptive cruise control can be provided to drivers with high driving years to make driving time easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, the driver’s behavior should also be considered an important factor. For example, when the driver answers the phone, the HMI system should pause music playback and reduce other distractions to ensure that the driver can answer the call safely.

In summary, it is necessary to consider the differences in gender, age, and driving years when designing human-machine interactions, in order to better meet the expectations of drivers, improve driving experience, and reduce the risk of driving accidents.


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