The Factors Affect HMI Design——Vehicle Status

This article discusses the importance for Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system to provide real-time information to the drivers and the main factors that engineers need to consider in designing.
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Vehicle status, specifically, refers to the various states and conditions of the car, such as its position while driving (e.g., on a highway), the status of the in-car entertainment system (e.g., playing music), and the car’s engine performance (e.g., starting, accelerating, decelerating, etc.).

-Position and Driving Conditions

For example, when driving on a highway, it’s essential to provide the driver with information on nearby gas stations, rest areas, and exits, so they can make informed decisions while driving. Similarly, when driving in urban areas, the HMI should provide information on traffic congestion, parking availability, and nearby points of interest.

-In-Car Entertainment System

The HMI should allow the driver to easily control the audio system, adjust the volume, and choose from different audio sources. Additionally, the HMI should display information about the current track or radio station, so the driver can quickly identify what’s playing.

-Engine Performance

The performance of the engine is one of the most critical aspects of vehicle status. The HMI should provide real-time information on the engine’s status, such as the RPM, fuel level, and engine temperature. Additionally, the HMI should display warning messages if any issues are detected, such as low oil pressure, overheating, or a fault code.

In conclusion, by designing the HMI to provide real-time information on the vehicle’s position, in-car entertainment system, and engine performance, we can create a safe, efficient, and enjoyable driving experience for all.


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